About IBPBarcelona

International Business Programs Barcelona

What is IBP Barcelona?

International Business Programs Barcelona was born from the idea to expand BCNLIP’s training portfolio beyond its original scope into the world of vocational training.

Our goal is to bring foreign language learning closer to vocational training by making it an integral part thereof.

Certified Center

We take pride in the fact thatour training center is certified by the Generalitat so upon completion of the program our students can receive official Spanish qualifications. The certification by a competent authority validates the knowledge and competences acquired and allows students to pursue further career and academic goals.

Authorized Center – Code 08078555

ministerio generalitat

students enrol in BCNLIP’s courses every year.


BCNLIP Group has a long experience in teaching foreign languages in Barcelona. With over 2,000 students enrolled in courses of different languages and 6 centers around the city, we have decided to further our commitment to education and launch a vocational training program (‘Grado superior’).

bcnlipphoto min
BCNLIP Group counts with seasoned professionals in language teaching, and this professional commitment will be the starting point for the new challenge.

IBPBarcelona intends to honor the commitment the company made when it first ventured into the academic world. Our approach to incorporating leading professionals from different industries into ouracademic staff is a clear indication of this company’s commitment to the highest standards of teaching.


IBPBarcelona is not a just an appendix of BCNLip, it was devised to become one of the pillars of the Group and earn recognition in the business community for its high teaching standards both in occupational and language training. There is a high demand for this combination of skills in the labor market today


We have approached this challenge in a humble yet determined manner, and decided to provide a strong theoretical foundation in addition to the practical framework based on case studies, where students will use their knowledge of theory to resolve real-life cases and exercises. 

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