Languages + Sales and Customer Service

Higher Education Course

The Advanced Language Course + Sales and Customer Service is your gateway to the world of sales and commerce. Over the course of a year, you will learn how to manage sales and customer service effectively, both in person and online, and you will improve your language skills in Spanish/Catalan and English, which are essential in the business world.  

Upon completion, you will receive a professional certificate in Commerce and Marketing (COMT0110), issued by the Ministry of Education, Vocational Training and Sports, which opens up a range of job opportunities in the sector. This is an ideal course if you aspire to excel in sales and customer service with a solid foundation and international competencies.

Certified Center

Authorized Center – Center 08078555

ministerio generalitat

About the course

Professional Family: Commerce and Marketing

Qualification: professional certificate of competences


Classroom mode: The course is given in Barcelona.

Online mode: Ideal if you can not be in person every day or if you can not get the study visa.


Objectives: To manage and execute customer/consumer/user service plans for goods and services, in accordance with current consumer legislation and regulations, established procedures and specifications received. To organize, carry out and control the commercial operations in direct contact with customers or through information and communication technologies, coordinating the commercial team and supervising the actions of promotion, diffusion and sale of products and services. Acquire the necessary knowledge of Catalan/Spanish and English for the required professional skills.

The course includes

  • Languages: Spanish (or Catalan, if you are already a native Spanish speaker) and English, focusing on business language and preparation for official exams.
  • Sales and customer service: Delves into the theory and practice of sales techniques and strategies, information and customer service.
  • Internships: Finish with an immersion in the working world through unpaid internships, where you will apply what you have learned.


There are different possibilities for accrediting the knowledge required for access to higher education courses in Spain.

higher courses in Spain:

● Having completed the baccalaureate.

● Having passed the entrance exam to higher grade cycles or university access.

● Having completed a level 2 certificate.

If you have not completed your studies in Spain, it is necessary to homologate your certificate. It is possible to start the course with the homologation form only, but the diploma can only be applied for with the homologation completed.

Spanish: you can start from scratch (option for non-native Spanish speakers).

Catalan: you can start from scratch (option for non-native students of Catalan).


tabla ventas atencion al cliente

Total course value

1 year
3,700 total, sign-up fee included
  • Sign-up fee and place booking

Download the detailed program: start dates February, June, September

Descarga el programa detallada.

Fechas de inicio febrero, junio, septiembre


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