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Catalan for Business is an innovative approach that combines intensive Catalan language instruction with specialized modules in finance, law, international trade, marketing and advertising. It has been designed for those who wish to be part of the business world, master the language and understand the business world in a dynamic city like Barcelona.

This one-year program offers a unique opportunity for professional and academic growth while living an unparalleled experience.

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    The Catalan for Business Program is the result of a strategic alliance between BCNLIP Language School, a leader in language teaching in Barcelona that has worked with over 2000 students teaching various languages in Barcelona. With a balanced combination of language classes and business courses, this program is designed to provide you with the language and business skills necessary to succeed in an international business environment.

    Barcelona is an open-door city that values the integration of people and is a strategic point in the European economy, where major international companies have their headquarters.

    Why choose our program?

    At IBP Barcelona we offer you a comprehensive educational experience that will prepare you to meet the challenges of today’s business world. Our combined focus on language, culture and business gives you the opportunity to develop strong language skills while gaining practical knowledge in key areas such as management, international business and marketing while enjoying a city that never sleeps.

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    Carreer opportunities

    Graduates of our program have a wide range of career opportunities in a variety of sectors, including international trade, marketing, finance and more. From management roles in multinational companies to working in global marketing agencies, our graduates are prepared to succeed in the competitive world of international business. 

    With a degree in Catalan for Business, you’ll open doors to new job opportunities and advance your career in Barcelona and beyond.



    • From 1:30 to 6 p.m.


    • Option 1: from 1:30 to 6 p.m.
    • Option 2: from 4 to 9 p.m.



    • MP3: International Means of Payments (132 hours total, 4h/wk) esp+English
    • MP5: International Transport of Goods (132 hours in total, 4h/wk)
    • MP9: International Negotiation (66h in total, 2h/wk)
    • MP10: International Digital Commerce (66 hours in total, 2h/wk)


    • MP7: Digital Marketing (165 hours total, 5h/wk)
    • MP8: Communication Media and Supports (99 hours total, 3h/wk)
    • MP15: Design Programs (4h/wk)
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