Advanced Cycle of International Studies

Transform your future in just three years! Start with a year of total immersion in language and business, followed by two years of professional training in administration and finance, marketing, or international trade. 

Certified center

Authorized Center – Code 08078555

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Description and qualification level

Level: Higher Education
Duration: 3 years
Specializations: Administration and Finance, International Trade, or Marketing and Advertising
Degree: Advanced Technical Degree (“Técnico Superior”)
Objectives: To introduce international students to the Spanish business environment through an intensive training program that covers linguistic skills as well as specifically tailored administration and marketing training adapted to Spanish companies.


There are different possibilities for accrediting the necessary knowledge for access to higher courses in Spain:
● Having completed high school.
● Having passed the entrance exam for higher vocational training cycles or university access.

If you have not completed your studies in Spain, it is necessary to validate your certificate. You can start the course with only the validation process slip, but the degree can only be applied for with the validation completed.

Spanish: you can start from scratch (option for non-native Spanish students).

First year

Part 1: Languages  Sept.-Dec. 2024
Intensive Spanish/Catalan course 20h / week
Preparation in Spanish or Catalan with the goal of reaching a minimum of level B1, according to the Common European Framework of Reference. Course taught by Bcnlip, a school accredited by the Instituto Cervantes.
Part 2: Introduction to Spanish Business World Jan.-Jun. 2025
Intensive program: 20 hours per week. The course provides a practical overview of Spanish businesses and prepares you for your subsequent higher education studies. 20h / week
Subjects: Management of a small business Training and career guidance Business communication and customer service Computer processing of information
Part 3: Business English and exams prep.  Jul.-Aug. 2025
Intensive English course to reach an intermediate to advanced level. Additionally, you can prepare for official exams and certify your level. If you are not a native Spanish speaker, the preparation will be for the DELE and SIELE exams.

Upon completing the first year, you will receive your first certificate! The document will certify your language level and basic knowledge in administration and marketing.

Second year

September 2025 – August 2026

First year of higher education vocational training. You can choose from the following specializations:
● Administration and Finance
● International Trade
● Marketing and Advertising
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Third year

September 2026 – August 2027

Second year of higher vocational training in the career you have chosen.

Paid internship included!

Upon completing the third year, you receive your official degree as a Higher Technician in Administration and Finance, International Trade, or Marketing and Advertising.

First year

total course value
3500 registration included
  • Registration and reservation fee: 500€
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