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Discover the professionals who make up the team of teachers who will be with you during your learning stage at IBP Barcelona.

Sergio Baeza

Head Teacher and Director

Current director of the CFGS training stage of IBP Barcelona.

With a degree in economics and business from the University of Barcelona, he has been working for more than 20 years in the private sector in companies in various sectors.

And currently he has been teaching for 23 years in middle and higher degrees, especially in Marketing and Advertising and Administration and Finance.

He provides the knowledge and development of the skills necessary to progress adequately in the sector and in training.

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"Professional education should be able to improve social progress by ensuring knowledge and skills that allow individuals to achieve the life goals and objectives they set for themselves."​

Sofía Pariente Buzón

Head Teacher and Director

Sofía Pariente Buzón, was born in Barcelona, 1974. She flew to the United States when she was 17, where she finished her studies. She got a degree in 1997 by the University of Barcelona in English Philology and Spanic. In 1998 she graduated in Postcolonial Literatures. In 2001, she did a program of International House for spanish teachers as a foreign lengugage. Since 2002 she has been working as a teacher in diferent Schools in Barcelona. In 2008 she founded BCNLIP, where she has been a teacher and is currently the director.

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Teaching Team

She is currently working as a professional at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, associate professor in the Economics and Business Department since 2017.

She is also the professor responsible for the internship subjects in the official degrees of the Economics and Business Studies at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC).

She trains and teaches courses in personal and interpersonal skills development, management skills, personal development, management and management of HR.

She has been director of training in different international organizations which has helped her to perfect her English as well as her professional skills.

Lourdes Esteban

Training and Job Guidance

Professor at Pompeu Fabra University, lecturer at the Open University of Catalonia, training director in several companies.

Computer Engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the IT sector.

He has worked in digital media, advertising agencies and major technology companies such as Yahoo! , in positions ranging from web programming to service manager.

In addition to professional experience, he brings a solid academic training with Masters in Digital Arts or Information and Knowledge Society.

Teaching is a vocation that he has exercised in universities and in vocational training.

Bruno Mateos

Office Automation and Information Processing

Computer Engineer with two decades of diversified experience in IT at technology giants like Yahoo!

Digital marketing professional with ten years of experience in customer management.

He has worked as a digital marketing provider for multinationals and national companies, conducting digital media planning, market research and monitoring the implementation of defined strategies for companies in all types of sectors: mainly banking, pharmaceutical and retail.

In addition, he is currently co-founder and responsible for the strategy of his digital marketing company.

In addition to digital marketing studies, he has advanced studies in Public Relations and Marketing Management


Alberto Feliz

Marketing Policies

Digital marketing expert, service provider for national and multinational companies, co-founder of his digital marketing company, IMPS Digital Media.

Expert in digital marketing with more than 10 years of professional experience.

He has developed his activity both in company and in digital media agency, planning strategies and activating advertising campaigns for national and international advertisers.

He specializes in Paid Media channels, whose statistics and consumption habits, audiences, advertising inventories and trends he has a deep knowledge.

In addition, for various companies he has been responsible for the continuous training of its employees in the field of digital marketing and in the training in the use of different advertising technologies.

Alejandro Flores

Market Information Systems

Digital marketing expert with over a decade of experience in companies and agencies, specializing in Paid Media and training in advertising technologies.

Diploma in Business Sciences and Master in Management of Educational Centers.

He began his professional career in a transport and distribution company, he has combined teaching of Professional Training (families of Administration and Finance and Commercial Management) with the management of social economy entities, employers’ associations and foundations.

For 4 years he has been a technician of economic revitalization, entrepreneurship and job orientation coordinating a unique program of Youth Guarantee to improve employment, is passionate about accompanying young people in their formative itineraries oriented to the construction of their professional projects.

Lluís Miquel

Logistics and Commercial Management

Expert in transportation, teaching in Business Administration and Finance, management of social entities, and employment insertion programs for young people.

Professional with more than 15 years of experience in the field of business and development.

She currently carries out the advice and coordination of business training projects at the Terrassa Chamber of Commerce, getting involved in the current needs and challenges of SMEs, and helping them in the development of their businesses.

She has worked 10 years in the banking sector advising individuals and companies on the range of investment products.

She has spent 3 years in the field of teaching, practicing in Higher Degrees and Middle Degrees.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management at the University of Barcelona.

Noelia Gómez

Communication and Customer Service

Professional with 15 years in companies and banking, consultant in business training projects, and instructor in Higher and Intermediate Degrees.

With more than ten years of experience in logistics and international trade.
He has worked in freight forwarders, transport companies, as well as in giants specialized in the maritime container sector and Ro-ro, exercising operational and management functions.
He has extensive knowledge in administration and management of higher cycles, participating in the process of educating them.
Apart from his studies in international trade and transport management, he has advanced studies in trade and marketing and marketing and market research.
In addition, he speaks several foreign languages such as English and Italian having the experience of having lived in different countries.

José María Barba

Comprehensive Process of Commercial Activity

Practical specialist in logistics and international trade with over ten years of experience, excelling in operational and managerial roles in freight forwarders and leading companies in the maritime sector.

Graduated in Art and Design at Escola Massana with a master’s degree in Interior Design and teaching.

With more than 10 years of experience in the creative sector, she worked as a graphic and editorial designer in Brussels for 3 years, which allowed her to gain a valuable international perspective.

She is co-founder of a branding company for professionals specialising in graphic design and event organisation.

She currently works as a teacher at secondary school, baccalaureate and vocational training level, teaching subjects such as technical drawing, visual and audiovisual plastic education, technology and the Adobe package.

As part of her experience in educational centres, she is deputy director of the digital teaching magazine 5cèntims.

Silvia Badorrey

Adobe Design Programs

With over 10 years of experience in graphic and editorial design, including a period in Brussels, she is a co-founder of a branding company, a teacher in high school, and the deputy director of the digital educational magazine “5cèntims.”

From January to May 2022, Vincent Voisin taught French conversation classes at the Escola Oficial d’Idiomes de l’Alt Penedès.

At the Escola Oficial d’Idiomes de l’Alt Penedès. She was responsible for teaching students at B1, B2 and B2+ levels.

In this context, she made effective use of an immersive method, enabling them to
grammatical knowledge, broaden their vocabulary and improve their pronunciation.
Vincent has excellent teaching skills.

He knows how to adapt to the students’ difficulties,
and maintains both an enthusiastic and rigorous atmosphere in the classroom.
rigorous in the classroom.

Vincent Voisin

Teacher of French

Conversation teacher in French at the Official School of Languages of Alt Penedès, known for applying an immersive method.

Born in London, raised in Wales. She graduated with a BA in Politics and International Relations before completing a Masters in Legal and Political Theory from University College London. Throughout her life she has worked with children and after studying she did an internship at a Montessori school to understand more about this philosophy of “teach me to teach myself”. She did a Diploma in Montessori education and ran her own class for 7 years in various multilingual environments both in London and in Barcelona, which she found to be a beautiful experience. Whilst studying Spanish she became passionate about how we learn languages and decided to do a CELTA course and become an English teacher for adults. She believes that we learn best in environments where we feel supported and are given the tools to develop ourselves.

Alice Doran

Teacher of English

Certified English teacher for adults with 7 years of experience, born in London and raised in Wales, holding a CELTA certification.

Actual director de la etapa formativa CFGS de IBP Barcelona.

Licenciado en económicas y empresariales por la Universidad de Barcelona, lleva más de 20 años dedicándose al sector privado en empresas de varios sectores. 

Y actualmente lleva 23 años impartiendo clases en grados medios y superiores, sobre todo en Marketing y Publicidad y Administración y Finanzas.

Aporta el conocimiento y el desarrollo de habilidades necesarias para progresar adecuadamente en el sector y en la formación


Harriet Erickson

Vice President, Student Affairs

Ingeniero Informático con más de 20 años de experiencia en el sector de IT. Ha trabajado en medios de comunicación digitales, en agencias de publicidad y en grandes tecnológicas como Yahoo!, en puestos que van desde la programación web hasta service manager.

Ademas de la experiencia profesional aporta una solida formación academica con Masteres en Artes Digitales o Sociedad de la Información y el Conocimiento. La enseñanza es una vocación familiar que ha ejercido en universidades y en formación profesional.

Wesley Clarke

Senior Advisor to the President

Profesional del marketing digital con diez años de experiencia en la gestión de clientes.

Ha trabajado como proveedor de marketing digital para multinacionales y empresas nacionales, realizando planificaciones de medios digitales, investigaciones de mercados y seguimiento de la implementación de las estrategias definidas para empresas de todo tipo de sectores: bancarios, farmacéuticos y retail principalmente.

Además, actualmente es co-fundador y responsable de estrategia de su empresa de marketing digital.

Además de estudios de marketing digital, tiene estudios superiores de Dirección de relaciones públicas y marketing

Betty Bowman

Acting Vice President for Finance

Experto en marketing digital con más de 10 años de experiencia profesional.

Ha desarrollado su actividad tanto en empresa como en agencia de medios digitales, planificando estrategias y activando campañas publicitarias para anunciantes nacionales e internacionales.

Está especializado en canales Paid Media, sobre cuyas estadísticas y hábitos de consumo, audiencias, inventarios publicitarios y tendencias tiene un profundo conocimiento.

Además, para diversas empresas ha sido responsable de la formación continua de sus empleados en el ámbito del marketing digital y en la capacitación en el uso de distintas tecnologías publicitarias.


Johnny Jones

Dean, Diversity and Compliance

Diplomado en Ciencias Empresariales y Master en Dirección de Centros Educativos.

Empezó su carrera profesional en una empresa de transportes y distribución, ha compaginado la docencia de Formación Profesional (familias de Administración y finanzas y Gestión Comercial) con la gestión de entidades de economía social, asociaciones patronales i fundaciones.

Durante 4 años ha sido técnico de dinamización económica, emprendimiento y orientación laboral coordinando un programa singular de Garantía Juvenil para mejorar la inserción laboral, le apasiona acompañar a jóvenes en sus itinerarios formativos orientados a la construcción de sus proyectos profesionales.


Dennis Ruiz

Acting Vice President of Administration

Vernon Lowe first joined the University in 2006 as Assistant Dean for Academic Support Programs. He served as Assistant Dean until 2013, when he became a full time lecturer at the College. He teaches classes relating to legal theory and reasoning, race and law, gender and law, and in the area of commercial transactions. 


Vernon Lowe

Assistant Vice President for Communications


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