A meeting point with other companies

In IBP, we hope that this part of the program, despite of it taking place off-campus, allows us to connect and build close relations with businesses. Businesses being part of the learning experience are of utmost importance both for students and their learning curve and for the collaborating businesses themselves, which have their needs as well. IBP is determined to promote labor opportunities for our students, especially in the companies where they can get workplace training.

Internship coordinator will also be responsible for institutional relations with the collaborating company. This person will make the first contact and develop a training plan for the student, in collaboration with an assigned instructor from the company. Internship supervisor will be working closely with tutors from all programs to obtain academic information about students directly from their tutors.

For now, IBP will have just one dedicated person for internships. The internship coordinator will also act as internship tutor.


Collaborating Companies

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