Administration and Finance

A degree in Administration and Finance will provide you the skills and knowledge required to manage a company’s financial and administrative resources and make informed and strategic financial decisions

Certified Center

Authorized Center - Code 08078555

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Regarding management and administration, every department in a company requires a thorough knowledge of specific business processes, including accounting, funding, human resources, procurement, sales management, and marketing, among other. The people responsible for these functions are the foundation underpinning day-to-day business operations, and the knowledge they can acquire from the vocational programs on Administration and Finance makes them critical to the future of their respective companies.

Qualification level

Official degree: Advanced Technical Degree in Administration and Finance
Denomination: Administration and Finance
Level: Advanced Level Vocational Training (“Formación Profesional de Grado Superior”)

Admission requirements
Baccalaureate (“Bachillerato”) or equivalent qualification

Career opportunities

The people who obtain this title carry out their activity in both large and medium-sized and small companies, in any sector of activity, particularly in the service sector, as well as in public administrations, performing administrative tasks in the management and advice in the labor, commercial, accounting and fiscal areas of said companies and institutions, offering a service and attention to clients and citizens, carrying out administrative procedures with the administrations
public and managing the archive and communications of the company.
Self-employed workers, carrying out the management of their own company or through the free exercise of an economic activity, such as in a financial, labor or project study consultancy, among others.
The most relevant occupations and jobs are the following

– Administrative office specialist.
– Commercial administrative specialist.
– Financial administrator.
– Accounting administrative specialist.
– Administrative logistics specialist.
– Banking and insurance administrative specialist.
– Human resources administrative specialist.
– Administrative specialist of the Public Administration.
– Administrative specialist of legal, accounting, labor, tax or agency consultancies.
– Specialist in collection management.


First yearHours
Customer communications and service132h / 4h week
Integral business activity process198h / 6h week
Office equipment and IT processes132h / 4h week
English132h / 4h week
Logistics and sales management99h / 3h week
Integral business activity process198h / 6h week
Job training and career guidance66h / 2h week
Tutorship1h week
Total hours per week23h
Second yearHours
Legal and corporate document management99h / 3h week
Legal and corporate document management66h / 2h week
HR management66h / 2h week
Financial management132h / 4h week
Accounting and fiscal management99h/ 3h week
Business simulation99h/ 3h week
Administration and finance project264h
Proprietary module on management software tools165h
Total hours per week24h
Software tools
The project module includes hours that will be dedicated to software solutions businesses use for administrative purposes, such as payroll management systems; budgeting, procurement and waybill tools; accounting information systems to manage journals, cash entry books, quarterly reports, balances and profit and loss statements.


  1. Nominaplus
  2. Facturaplus
  3. Contaplus


bussgameA business management simulator with a powerful graphic interface, which integrates all the information relevant to the decision-making process.
It allows experimenting with different business functions to assess the impact each of them has on business.

simbaA strategy simulator built around the operations of an enterprise with all its functional units. It can be set up withdifferent economic scenarios, market geography and specific custom parameters, in a variety of languages. 


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