Admission & Fees

Choosing a vocational training program (“Grado Superior”) is an important life step, which can leverage your intellectual and creative potential. Our team will gladly help you make an informed decision.

We offer academic programs in class and online, where you will be guaranteed a personal approach and a focus on academic excellence and comprehensive development of our students’ skills and expertise. Our fees are competitive and compatible with people’s budgets. At present, we are also offering special prices on some of our programs, so if you are interested, we strongly recommend you to contact us and request additional information.

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Payment schemes

In IBPBarcelona we understand that costs of education can be a serious financial burden on some families. This is why we offer monthly and tri-monthly payment options so that our students and their families can better plan their expenses on education.

Tuition fees 2023

Our prices are competitive and accessible for all students.

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* Price for 1 year of tuition.

classroom based

desde €4,000

monthly price: 475€


desde €1,500

monthly price: 170€

Business Spanish / Catalan + Business

desde €2,900

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