International Trade

International Trade is a degree that will equip you with skills and knowledge required to successfully operate on global markets, including international trade regulations and import/export business strategy development.

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The role of international trade has been ever-increasing especially since Spain joined the European Union (EU) in 1986. International trade comprises commercial cooperation both within the EU and with third countries, and is heavily influenced by new technologies.

The globalization processes that came into being at the start of the new millennium have significantly boosted the scope and volume of international exchange, driving transport companies to staff up in order to cover the rising needs of the industry. The knowledge and skills for this career can be obtained from our vocational training program.

Qualification level

Advanced Technical Degree in International Trade (“Técnico Superior en Comercio Internacional”)

Denomination: International Trade

Level: Advanced Level Vocational Training (“Formación Profesional de Grado Superior”).

Admission requirements:

Baccalaureate (“Bachillerato”) or equivalent qualification.

Career opportunities

The people who obtain this title carry out their activity in companies of any productive sector and mainly in the trade and marketing sector public and private, carrying out functions of planning, organization, management and advice on international trade activities.
Self-employed workers who manage their company, carrying out activities of international trade, or workers employed by others who carry out their activity in the international trade department within the subsectors of:

– Industry, trade and agriculture, in the department of international trade.

– Financial and insurance entities, in the foreign department.
– Intermediary companies in international trade, such as agencies
freight forwarders, commercial agencies, consignee companies, shipping agencies customs and commercial and legal advice companies, among others.
– Importing, exporting and distributing marketing companies.
– Logistics and transport companies.
– Associations, institutions, agencies and non-governmental organizations.

The most relevant occupations and jobs are the following:
– Specialist in foreign trade.
– External operations specialist for financial and insurance entities.
– Specialist in international trade administration.
– Assistant or associate of international trade.
– International trade agent.
– International marketing specialist.
– International digital marketing specialist.
– International sales specialist.
– Assistant to the department of international commercial operations.
– Forwarder.
– Ship agent.
– Logistic operator.
– Warehouse manager.
– Specialist in transport logistics.
– Logistic coordinator.
– Specialist in reverse logistics.



First year


Administrative management in international trade

165h / 5h week

Economic and financial management

132h / 4h week

Warehouse logistics

99h / 3h week

Market information system

66h / 2h week


132h / 4h week

Second foreign language

132h / 4h week

Job training and career guidance

66h / 2h week


1h week

Total hours per week




Second year


International funding

99h / 3h week

International payment methods

66h / 2h week

International transport of goods

132h / 4h week

International marketing

99h / 3h week

International negotiating

66h / 2h week

International digital commerce

66h / 2h week

International trade project


Proprietary module on management software tools



1h week

Total hours per week


Software tools

The project module includes hours that will be dedicated to software solutions businesses use for administrative purposes, such as payroll management systems; budgeting, procurement and waybill tools; accounting information systems to manage journals, cash entry books, quarterly reports, balances and profit and loss statements.


  1. Nominaplus
  2. Facturaplus
  3. Contaplus


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