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The IBP Formación Profesional study center guarantees a quality education that opens doors to future higher education in Spain and internationally. The Higher Education Preparation course is designed for those seeking not only a higher education, but a life experience that prepares them for the challenges of the Spanish academic world. We prepare students comprehensively for their transition to master’s, postgraduate or higher professional studies, addressing academic as well as personal and administrative aspects in the context of the educational system in Spain.


  • Languages: Intensive Spanish or Catalan module with a business focus to reach B1 level. 
  • Introduction to the academic world: Practical introduction to higher education in Spain, with academically oriented subjects.
  • English and official exams: Business-oriented English course and preparation for the DELE or SIELE exams, with the objective of obtaining an official certification from the Instituto Cervantes.

Below we will give more details about this unique and comprehensive course, designed to equip students with the necessary tools to succeed in their future higher degree or master’s studies. Taking a higher education preparation course is a valuable investment in your academic and professional future.

Certified Center

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Languages: Spanish or Catalan
Intensive course of 20 hours per week dedicated to the learning and improvement of Spanish or Catalan, with a focus on academic language. The objective is to reach a minimum of level B1.


Introduction to the academic world of higher education
Intensive course of 20 hours per week where students advance in the Spanish or Catalan language at B2 level and study subjects in preparation for higher education: academic and scientific writing, orientation and planning of studies, admission process and preparation of applications.


English and DELE/SIELE preparation – Optional
Intensive English course to reach an intermediate to advanced level, together with a DELE or SIELE preparation course, where they will be able to obtain an official certificate from the Instituto Cervantes that will accredit their level. Depending on the student’s needs and skills, this course can be exchanged for an in-depth course in Spanish or Catalan.


  • Completion of high school studies
  • Completion of an intermediate degree 
  • Spanish: you can start from scratch (option for non-native speakers of Spanish)
  • Catalan: you can start from scratch (option for non-native students of Catalan)

Additional information

  • At the end of the course a private certificate will be awarded to certify the language level.
  • Face-to-face mode: The course is given in Barcelona. 
  • Online mode: Ideal if you can not be in person every day or if you can not get your student visa in time.
  • Limited places
  • Visa: studies
  • Refund: Refundable value if the study visa is denied. In addition, there is the possibility to start the course online while waiting for the resolution of the visa application.


  • Option 1 – Mornings: Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
  • Option 2 – Afternoons: Monday to Friday 17:00 to 21:00
  • Teaching time: 55 minutes

Course total price

1 year
2,950 1 year
  • Registration and reservation fee: 500€.

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