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We are pleased to announce that Vocational Training Grants are available for the next academic year. These grants provide a unique opportunity for those who wish to acquire practical skills and specialized knowledge in various fields of vocational training.

Access to scholarships is possible thanks to the collaboration of the BCNLIP Foundation! The BCNLIP Foundation is an organization committed to the educational and professional development of young people and immigrants, and its support has made possible the creation of these scholarships.

Scolarship Details:

Scolarship Benefits:


1. Income below: According to the Royal Decree in force (D-Royal Decree, the thresholds for income and family assets and the amounts for scholarships and study grants are established):

2. Academic result: To be considered eligible for the Scholarship for Academic Excellence, it is necessary to meet the following requirements:

a) Minimum grade 7: Applicants must have obtained a minimum grade 7 average in their baccalaureate. This rating demonstrates a high level of performance and academic dedication.

b) Homologable systems: If the qualification system used by the educational institution is not directly comparable to the IB qualification system (International Baccalaureate), homologable or equivalent systems demonstrating the same level of academic excellence shall be accepted.

3. Situation of special vulnerability:

Entrance access:

a) In case of being Spanish, it will be necessary to demonstrate documentation or income in order to access the scholarships.
b) If you are a foreigner, an affidavit will be taken in order to expedite the process (see model below).

Application process (possible):

1. Visit our website and review the list of available vocational training programmes as well as the specific requirements of each.

2. Complete the online application form, providing the required information, including your educational history, relevant experience and motivation to apply for the scholarship.

3. Attach any additional documents requested, such as copies of your educational certificates, letters of recommendation, etc.

4. Carefully review your application before submitting it and make sure you meet the filing deadline.

5. Our selection committee shall review all applications and communicate with shortlisted candidates for an additional interview or evaluation, if necessary.

6. The final results shall be announced by e-mail or published on our website on a specific date. The recipients of the scholarships must confirm their acceptance within the established deadline.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to obtain a vocational training scholarship with the support of the BCNLIP Foundation.

Start your application process today and apply to the form!