Marketing and advertising

Marketing and advertising play a key role in promoting and selling products and services. Marketing is used to identify market needs and develop strategies on how these needs can be satisfied, while advertising means promotion of products and services using different channels to target the appropriate audience and then evaluate your campaign’s success. 

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When it comes to marketing and communications, we are talking about an area that has gained importance ages ago, but is currently undergoing a major transformation and evolution, driven by new technologies and ways of communication. Marketing departments are critical to any business, regardless of its size. Vocational training programs have been instrumental in covering the demand for marketing professionals with courses adapted to practical needs, especially the Marketing and Advertising programs.

Qualification level

Advanced Technical Degree in Marketing and Advertising (“Técnico Superior de Marketing y Publicidad”)

Denomination: Marketing and Advertising

Level: Advanced Level Vocational Training (“Formación Profesional de Grado Superior”).

Admission requirements:

Baccalaureate (“Bachillerato”) or equivalent qualification

Careeer opportunities

The people who obtain this title carry out their activity in companies of any productive sector and mainly in the public and private commerce and marketing sector, carrying out functions of planning, organization and management of marketing activities, commercial research, advertising and public relations.
Self-employed workers who manage their company carrying out communication and advertising activities and events in the public and private sphere. Employees who carry out their activity in the marketing, communication and press and communication departments of any company or organization, or in communication companies, advertising agencies and events of the public and private sphere, as well as in companies, organizations and market research and public opinion institutes within the survey and/or research departments in the subsectors of:
– Industry, commerce and agriculture, in the marketing, advertising, public relations or survey and research department.
– Wholesale and/or retail commercial distribution companies, in the marketing, advertising, public relations or survey and research department.
– Financial and insurance entities, in the marketing, advertising, public relations or survey and research department.

– Importing, exporting and distributing-marketing companies.
– Logistics and transport companies.
– Associations, institutions, agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

The most relevant occupations and jobs are the following:

– Assistant to the product manager.
– Marketing specialist.
– Advertising specialist.
– Public relations specialist.
– Organizer of marketing and communication events.
– Media assistant in advertising companies.
– Controller of the course or broadcast in the media.
– Specialist in market research and public opinion.
– Specialist in field work.
– Surveyor inspector.
– Survey and census agent.


First year


Customer, consumer and user service/support

66h / 2h week

Economic and financial management

110h / 4h week

Business research

99h / 3h week

Field activities in business research

66h / 2h week

Marketing policies

132h / 4h week


132h / 4h week

Job training and career guidance

66h / 2h week

Proprietary module on design software. Adobe package

99h / 3h week
Tutorship1h week

Total hours per week

24h + 1h

Second year


Design and development of communication material

99h / 3h week

Launching products and services

99h / 3h week

Digital marketing

165h / 5h week

Communication media and platforms

99h / 3h week

Public relations and event management

99h / 3h week

Marketing and advertising project


Proprietary module on design software. Adobe package

132h/ 4h week


1h week

Total hours per week

25h + 1h

Software tools


Retouch your photos using PC or iPad to create unique graphic imagery and illustrations.

premierPremiere Pro

Shoot and edit videos in any format, from 8K to VR, with music and sound effects, for the movie industry, TV or web.

ai Illustrator

Create logos, icons and imagery capable of self-adapting to any mobile device or PC.


Lay out and design books, magazines, posters and flyers for print and digital use exploring a wide array of fonts and illustrations. You can also create interactive PDF files.


Design and develop state-of-the-art responsive web pages.

aeAfter Effects

Create animation and special effects to enable animated texts or objects in your videos with help of different presets.


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