7 Reasons to Study International Trade

We currently live in a globalized world where borders are blurred when it comes to commerce. This fact has compelled most companies to become more competitive and not rely solely on a domestic market.

Globalization is leading to the integration of markets among nations, creating what is known as a global market.

Therefore, studying international trade is a great option for those who want to pursue a professional career in the field of foreign business relations.

If that’s your case, below we mention a series of reasons to study international trade.

What is International Trade

For us to understand it fully, international trade refers to any commercial activity conducted by a company in a foreign country other than its country of origin.

It is about a commercial exchange that takes place across national borders and involves the participation of various organizations and institutions from around the world.

We must specify that international trade takes place through three different channels: trade in consumer goods, trade in services, and finally, e-commerce.

To facilitate the performance of this field, countries have established trade agreements that promote the free circulation of goods and services among them.

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1. Amplia gama de oportunidades

The constant changes occurring in today’s markets are determining an expansive trend of opportunities for specialists in this sector, such as market research analysts, international logistics specialists, or export managers.

The opportunity to learn and grow in these careers can provide unique and highly valuable employment opportunities in anyone’s professional life.

In addition, international trade is a very broad industry that encompasses many sectors, including agriculture, fashion, energy, and many others. This offers us the opportunity to open up and explore job opportunities in different environments and settings.

2.Opportunity to work abroad

The positions held by international trade professionals involve operations and transactions between companies from different countries.

That is why many companies require professionals capable of establishing relationships with foreign companies in order to expand their business operations to other countries.

Having operations in multiple countries, many companies require their external relations managers to be able to travel and move from one country to another easily in order to represent the company.

So, if you are developing yourself in international trade and also speak multiple languages, your opportunities to work abroad are even greater.

3. Competitive salaries

As it is a sector that is constantly expanding, there is an increasing demand for professionals specialized in this field.

Companies operating internationally need specialists capable of identifying market opportunities in expanding markets and developing countries.

Moreover, international trade is a highly diverse field that encompasses a wide range of sectors, which means there are plenty of opportunities for specialization.

The ability to expand a company’s business in another country around the world, along with speaking multiple languages, are some of the skills that offer good salaries in the field of international trade.

4. Interpersonal skills

International trade is a field that involves working with many people of different nationalities, which means that often you will have to interact with individuals who do not have the same customs and traditions as us.

These skills can include effective communication, respect for differences and diverse cultures, adaptability to adversity, among many others.

These skills can be applied in a multitude of different situations. International trade professionals must have the ability to communicate effectively and persuasively in different languages.

5. Contribution to economic growth

The economic growth of a country is often measured by the imports and exports it conducts throughout a fiscal year, which translates into international trade.

This field allows many companies to expand their reach and access new markets experiencing growth. This increases the demand for goods and services, which indirectly affects economic growth.

Moreover, international trade always seeks new ways to access new markets or foreign clients, which is why they are constantly innovating in their strategies and competitiveness.

6. Ability to learn a foreign language

International trade is a field where international negotiations are very common between foreign companies.

That is why many professionals in this sector often have the opportunity to learn a new language, different from English in many cases, in order to have the proper presence to represent a company in another country.

The languages that are in high demand in this field are primarily English, followed by Chinese and Russian, as they are the main countries producing resources and engaging in trade.

7. Relationships with other cultures

During your development as a professional in international trade, you will come across different situations where you will have to interact with people from countries completely different from yours.

This will allow you to learn firsthand about completely different cultures, and possibly provide you with a broader perspective on business relationships.

On the go, you will learn communication techniques to effectively interact with people from different backgrounds than yours, enabling you to establish good business and cultural relationships.

In conclusion

If you are interested in studying international trade, you should know that you will have the opportunity to embark on a path full of curiosity and challenges that will push you to surpass yourself every day.

You will acquire essential skills for any company when it comes to establishing international business relationships, which will open up a wide range of job opportunities for you.

You will have the opportunity to meet new people and explore new cultures, which will allow you to grow personally and professionally.

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