Twofer! 7 Reasons to Learn a Language and a Profession at the Same Time

Can you imagine combining two superpowers into one? That’s exactly what learning a language and a profession simultaneously is! If you’re on the fence about embarking on this journey, keep reading, because we have compelling reasons for you. And spoiler alert! If Barcelona is on your radar, we have a bonus track about Catalan! ✈️ Two for the price of one 🐦🐦 Why settle for learning just one thing when you can do two? Mastering a language while professionally training makes you more versatile and ready for a globalized market. 🧠 Sharpen Your Mind Studies show that learning a language can enhance your memory, attention, and multitasking abilities. What’s better than applying it instantly in a professional context? 👥 Networks, Networks, and More Networks By learning both a language and a profession, you connect with two groups: language enthusiasts and those focused on the profession. Double your networking opportunities! 🌍 Access to International Markets Imagine being a graphic designer who also speaks Mandarin or a marketing specialist fluent in French. Opportunities to work with international clients skyrocket. 🔄 True Integration in the Community By mastering a locale’s language and a sought-after skill in its job market, you immerse yourself deeply in the community. You’re not just a tourist; you’re an active member. 🚀 BONUS: Reasons to Learn Catalan if You Want to Work in Barcelona 🏰 A Passport to Catalan Culture Barcelona is more than just Gaudí and the Sagrada Familia. Speaking Catalan immerses you in the region’s rich culture, from its literature to traditional festivities. 🎉 Stand Out from the Crowd! Many expats in Barcelona speak Spanish, but not all take the time to learn Catalan. Mastery sets you apart in the job market and shows respect for the local culture. 🤝 Improved Work Relationships While most Barcelonians speak Spanish, many prefer Catalan, their mother tongue. Making an effort to speak it will strengthen your work relationships. 🔍 Access to More Opportunities Some positions, especially in public institutions, might prefer or require Catalan speakers. Don’t limit yourself! 💬 Spanish Speaker? Get Ahead! If you’re a native Spanish speaker, picking up Catalan might be easier than you think. Many words, structures, and sounds overlap between the languages. It’s like having a secret shortcut in your learning journey! In short, learning a language and a profession simultaneously is like acquiring a master key to the working and cultural world. And if you’re drawn to Barcelona, mastering Catalan is your ace up your sleeve in the City of Counts! 🌟🌆

Training in Catalan + Business

Speaking both Spanish and Catalan is essential for those wanting to work throughout Barcelona and Catalonia. It’s not just about integrating into everyday life in the region but also unlocking a world of professional opportunities. If you already speak Spanish, deepening your interaction with Catalan through the business world is a smart move. With over 15 years of experience in language instruction, the Bcnlip school has crafted two courses in collaboration with IBP Professional Training. Their aim? Bridging the gap between languages and the corporate world, and one of those courses is Catalan + Business. This course melds the learning of Catalan – from beginner levels – with subjects tied to the business world. Students will hone the linguistic skills needed to navigate professional environments in Catalan and understand the region’s business culture. Moreover, Bcnlip has rolled out special discounts to celebrate the course launch: an 18% discount for new students – 1 year from 3,500 to 2,900 – and a whopping year-long offer of just 2,600€ for existing Bcnlip students, a savings of over 25%! Dive into this dual adventure! The world is yours! 🌍💪🎉 For more details about the Catalan + Business course, fill out the form below.

Open Day 2024

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Talk with DRH Lindersvold

  🤓 Last week at IBP Formación Profesional, we had the delightful visit of Katie Noyed, outreach coordinator of DRH Lindersvold – The Traveling School