7 advantages when renovating your visa with Business Spanish or Catalan + Business

One of the main challenges many students in Spain face is how to choose the type of course or training that best suits them. This decision not only impacts their current education but can also determine their future work and professional life. The vast array of options that the Spanish education system offers can be overwhelming.

Furthermore, not all students are clear about their calling or in which sector they want to work, which adds an additional layer of uncertainty to the decision-making process. It is essential for each student to take the necessary time to reflect on their interests, skills, and objectives before committing to a particular educational path.

An interesting possibility is to continue deepening one’s understanding of Castilian – or Catalan, in the case that you’re already a Spanish native speaker – while taking the first steps in professional training in areas that have a wide range of application: Administration and Finance, International Trade, and Marketing and Advertising. The opportunity to combine immersion in the language and in the business world is possible through the new courses developed by the Bcnlip language school in collaboration with IBP Professional Training: Commercial Spanish and Catalan + Business. In both courses, part of the weekly workload is dedicated to teaching the chosen language, while in the remaining hours, the student participates in classes from the professional training courses.

Next, we’ll tell you about 7 advantages of combining language learning and professional training:

🤑1. Special price for Bcnlip students – It’s cheaper than renewing with the regular language course and offers you an even more comprehensive training: language and professional skills.

🏵2. Double certificate: the subjects you will study at IBP Formación Profesional will give you a diploma of the subjects by an ⭐official center⭐ certified by the government

📈3. You can supplement your credits and renew the following year with an advanced degree course.

📝4. Work permit: by renewing with an official advanced degree course the next year, you’ll already have a 30-hour work permit, allowing you to find a job that you can juggle with your studies.

💶5. It’s a unique opportunity as it’s a promotional year. Officially certified courses in marketing, international trade, and general administration and finance are typically much more expensive.

🤓 6. In the professional subjects, you’ll study topics in fields you want to work in, or rather, learn immersively how the job market operates in Spain, while continuing to learn Spanish.

😎7. The knowledge you’ll gain will be useful not only for work but also for your daily life. They’ll always be valuable insights, as you don’t need to focus them solely on the professional world, but can also apply them to your personal projects. 

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